Company Name Business
TOPPAN Inc. TOPPAN Inc. has grown beyond its traditional printing business and now offers a broad range of products and services with printing technologies at their core in the Information & Communication, Living & Industry, and Electronics segments.
Information & Communication
TOPPAN EDITORIAL COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. Planning production of various communication tools related to corporate publicity, advertising, etc, and provision of lifestyle information editing solutions
TB Next Communications Co., Ltd. Outsourcing services and consulting services, mainly focusing on secretariat and contact center work
DigitalPublishingService Inc. Publishing and printing
TOPPAN COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS CO., LTD. Proof-making, printing, binding, and other related processes, along with sales of related products, etc.
SOBI CALENDARS CO., LTD. Calendar sales
Toppan Media Printec Kansai Co., Ltd. Newspaper printing, etc.
Toppan Media Printing Hokkaido Co., Ltd. Newspaper printing, commercial printing production, printing, etc.
Toppan(Thailand) Co., Ltd. Digital Marketing
ONE COMPATH CO., LTD. Planning, research and development, production, sales, loaning of digital maps and related information, along with work related to technical support and consulting
TOPPAN PACKAGING PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. Proof-making, printing, binding, and other related processes, along with sales of related products, etc.
TOPPAN PLASTIC Co., Ltd. Manufacturing, sales, etc. of products made from synthetic resin
TOPPAN PACKAGING SERVICES Co., Ltd. Processed vegetable/fruit products, processed grain products, noodles/bread, pulses, meat products, dairy products, processed seafood, etc.
T&T ENERTECHNO Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of packaging for lithium-ion secondary batteries
Kansai Bottling Co., Ltd. Filling of alcoholic beverages, seasoning, and soft drinks
Toppan USA, Inc. Manufacturing and sales of barrier films
Toppan Speciality Films Private Limited Manufacturingand sales of BOPP films of differentiated quality used in flexible packaging of food, confectionery and fast moving consumer goods, as well as in industrial packaging
PT. Karya Konvex Indonesia
PT.Indonesia Toppan Printing Manufacturing of general printing and plastic packaging, and advertising for domestic and export transactions of such products
PT. Plasindo Lestari Film forming, manufacturing and sales of flexible materials
Majend Makcs Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sale of plastic films and bag products
Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd. Offset Printing and Packaging
InterFlex Investment Holdings, INC. Produce and supply flexible packaging
Skymark Packaging International Limited Manufacturing and sales of flexible packaging
Decor Materials
TOPPAN DECOR PRODUCTS INC. Printing of decorative sheets and wallpaper for use in homes
Toppan Europe GmbH Manufacture and sales of printing décor paper
Toppan Interamerica, Inc. Manufacturing and sales of decorative paper
INTERPRINT GmbH Rotogravure and digital printing of decor paper
INTERPRINT Inc. Rotogravure printing and lacquering of decor paper and thermoplastic films
INTERPRINT Polska Sp. z o.o Rotogravure printing of decor paper and lacquering of pre-impregnated paper
INTERPRINT-Decor (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Rotogravure printing of decor paper
INTERPRINT (China) Decorative Materials Ltd. Rotogravure printing of decor paper
OOO INTERPRINT RUS Rotogravure printing of decor paper
OOO INTERPRINT Samara Impregnation of decor paper
INTERPRINT do Brasil Indústria de Papéis Decorativos Ltda. Rotogravure printing and impregnation of decor paper
TOPPAN ELECTRONICS PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. Development and Manufacturing of electronics products
Toppan Technical Design Center Co., Ltd. LSI design, system development and LSI turnkey service
Toppan Tomoegawa Optical films Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of surface treatment (anti-reflection) films
Toppan Printing Co. (America), Inc. Sales of electronics products
Giantplus Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of TFT LCDs
Kunshan Giantplus Optronics Display Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of TFT LCDs
Ortustech (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Manufacturing of TFT LCDs
Toppan Sensing Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of color filter arrays (on-chip color filters)
TOPPAN ELECTRONICS TAIWAN INC. Sales of electronics products
Toppan Electronics Korea Inc. Sales of electronics products
TOPPAN PHOTOMASK Co., Ltd. Manufacturing, development and sales of photomasks
Toppan Photomasks, Inc. Manufacturing and sales of photomasks
Toppan Photomasks Round Rock, Inc. Manufacturing and sales of photomasks
Toppan Photomasks Germany GmbH Manufacturing and sales of photomasks
Advanced Mask Technology Center GmbH & Co., KG Development and manufacturing of photomasks
Toppan Photomasks France S.A.S. Manufacturing and sales of photomasks
Toppan Chunghwa Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of photomasks
Toppan Photomasks Korea Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of photomasks
Toppan Photomasks Co., Ltd., Shanghai Manufacturing and sales of photomasks
Toppan Semiconductor Singapore Pte. Ltd. Sales of photomasks
Company Name Business
TOPPAN Edge Inc. Information solutions, hybrid BPO, communication media, and security products
livepass Inc. Development and provision of marketing services, along with data analysis and consulting
TOPPAN EDGE IT SOLUTIONS INC. (1) System planning and design, (2) System development and building, (3) System operation and management, (4) Automation support and training services, (5) Sales of products related to IT and security
TOPPAN Edge Services Inc. Consigned freight forwarding business, along with warehousing and distribution processes
TOPPAN Edge Payments Inc. Operation of thin client-based cashless payment platform, hardware and application development for use in cashless payment, and development support for connecting payment terminals and POS
TOPPAN FORMS CENTRAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. Production of printed materials focusing on business forms, along with processes and processing related to data, printing, and services
TOPPAN FORMS KANSAI CO,. LTD Production and sales of business forms, information record cards, and other printed materials
TOPPAN FORMS NISHINIHON CO,. LTD. Production and sales of business forms, information record cards, and other printed materials
TOPPAN FORMS TOKAI CO., LTD Production and sales of business forms, information record cards, and other printed materials
OKINAWA BUSINESS FORMS CO., LTD. Production and sales of business forms (data entered by hand or using a computer or related device)
J-SCube Inc. Consultation and sales of EOM solutions and IT solutions, along with contracting of office functions via BPO (business process outsourcing)
TOSCO CORPORATION Design and development of computer processing systems, program development, and operation/maintenance management
HOKKAIDO TOPPAN FORMS CO., Ltd. Production and sales of business forms (data entered by hand or using a computer or related device)
TOPPAN Edge Company Limited. Investment Holdings
CFM Toppan Forms (M) Sdn. Bhd. Data Print Service and Direct Mailer Services
TOPPAN Edge (Hong Kong) Limited Print Products, Data Management Services, Machinery Products, RFID Solutions and others
Manson Computer Form Co., Ltd. Business Forms, Mailing Products, Security Products, General Printing & Label Products
TOPPAN Edge Information Technologies (Shanghai) Inc. Commercial Print Products, Auto Business Mailing Preparation Service, IT Related Services, Personalized Postal Products, Professional Card Issuance System
Zhejiang Matsuoka Printing Co., Ltd. Self Adhesive Labels, Financial Bills, Tax Bills, Logistics Waybills, Data Printing, Airline Bills
TOPPAN EDGE (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. Business Form Print, Data Print Services, Print on Demand, Plastic Cards, TFS Ez-Stick, Pressure Seal Equipment, BPO Services
TOPPAN Edge (Thailand) Limited Access Control, Business Forms, Card Issuing Systems and Supplies, Plastic Card, Pressure Sealer, Software Protection, Time Recorder
Toppan Forms (Colombo) Ltd. Continuous computer forms, Business forms, Cheques, Pin mailers, Continuous envelopes, Continuous cheque books, Data Print Service
Company Name Business
TOPPAN Digital Inc. Formulation of DX business strategy for the TOPPAN Group, creation and promotion of DX projects, research and development on DX, provision of IT infrastructure, etc.
ARMORIS CO., LTD. Cybersecurity training for employees of companies and public institutions, and provision of services to increase security
AIOI・SYSTEMS CO., LTD. Development, manufacturing, and sales of distribution/production systems
Company Name Business
Toppan Leefung Pte. Ltd. Services activities related to printing and security solutions, investment in other printing and security solutions operations in the region
Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd. Printing of security products & general printing, investment in security solutions and digitalisation operations
Toppan Ecquaria Pte. Ltd. Provision of information management solutions and comprehensive, technology-based services
Toppan Merrill Pte. Ltd. Financial printing and general printing and provision of fully integrated business process outsourcing solutions
Toppan Leefung (Hong Kong) Ltd. Investment Holdings
Toppan Win Label Co., Ltd. Sales of labels
Toppan Yau Yue Paper Products Ltd. Trading of paper products
Toppan Leefung Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. R&D on high-tech composite materials and plastic packaging materials, production, processing, semiconductor production
Toppan Leefung Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The agency of Advertising production,The wholesales of display production and printed matter,The exhibition
Toppan Merrill USA Inc. Provision of financial printing services
Toppan Gravity Ltd. Trading of e-ID applications related products
GRAVITY GROUP IND. LLC Manufacturing of Banking cards, commercial cards
Toppan Gravity SAS Trading of security solutions (products, software and systems)
Toppan Digital Language Ltd. Regional sales office and Translation and interpretation activities
Toppan Merrill Limited Provision of financial printing services
Toppan iDGate Co., Ltd. Sales of identity verification solutions
Company Name Business
Tosho Printing Company, Limited Prepress, printing, binding, related processing, and product sales
TOKYO SHOSEKI CO.,LTD. Editing, publishing, sales, and licensing of educational books and general publications
Froebel-kan Company, Limited Publishing and sales of books and manufacture and sales of goods and toys related to infant education and childcare
Total Media Development Institute Co., Ltd. Planning and design for development of environments as information media and related construction services and supervision
TOPPAN TRAVEL SERVICE CORPORATION Travel agency business based on the Travel Agency Act of Japan
Toppan Cosmo, Inc. General product business
TAMAPOLY CO., LTD. Manufacture and sales, etc. of synthetic resin products
Toppan (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. Provision of administrative, market research, and marketing services to Toppan Group companies in China.
Toppan Management Systems(S) Pte Ltd Sales of IT hardware and softaware, development and integration
Toppan Global Venture Partners, Inc. Managing CVC funds
TOPPAN Security Protection CO., LTD. Security contracting and related guarantees, etc. for factories, buildings, etc.
TOPPAN LOGISTICS CO., LTD. General motor truck transportation, etc.
TOPPAN TECNO CO., LTD. Maintenance, management, etc. of electrical machinery equipment, transforming equipment, boilers, AC equipment, environmental facilities including exhaust water/gas treatment plants, cistern water equipment, and fire equipment
Toppan IP Services Inc. Collection, analysis, processing, etc. of information related to engineering and intellectual property
The Institute of the Formative Art Co., Ltd. Cultural lesson operations, etc.
TOPPAN INFOMEDIA CO.,LTD. Label business, industrial business (chemical products, magnetic products, IC products)
TOPPAN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Contracting of work related to accounting and finance
TOPPAN HUMAN INFORMATION SERVICE CO., LTD. Contracting and data processing outsourcing, etc. of wage calculation, employment management, information related to HR, as well as calculation of social insurance and labor insurance fees, document management, and other work related to labor management
Toppan Hall Co., Ltd. Planning, production, implementation, etc. for music, art, movies, plays, and other events
Toppan Insurance Service Co., Ltd. Non-life insurance agent work and work related to life insurance solicitation
OKAPI PHARMACY SYSTEM CO., LTD. Operation of dispensing pharmacies, and development/operation of the "Todokusuri" prescription drug delivery service
Toppan Media Printech Tokyo Company. Limited Proof-making and printing of multi-color offset printed newspapers
TOYO INK SC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Manufacturing, processing, sales, etc. of printing inks, printing varnishes, pigments, paints, dyes, intermediates, pigment printing agents, synthetic resin, synthetic resin coloring agents, industrial waxes, and industrial chemicals
Integrated Clinical Care Informatics, Inc. Work, etc. related to gathering and providing medical information and associated information
RIKEN GENESIS CO.,LTD. Gene analysis, manufacturing and sales of gene analysis equipment and related consumables, as well as manufacturing, sales, etc. of drug products and medical devices
booklista Co.,Ltd Production, sales, intermediation work, publishing, etc. of publication and newspaper content
BookLive Co., Ltd Digital publication store, comic production and publication, digital entertainment, online community services
T.M.G. CHALLENGED PLUS TOPPAN CO., LTD. Office administrative services, DTP production, IT development, document digitization, papermaking, print-on-demand, BPO
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