Digital & Sustainable Transformation
Creating Group synergies promptly
as we aim to shape a sustainable society
and enhance enterprise value

Hideharu Maro

Hideharu Maro
Representative Director
President & CEO
TOPPAN Holdings Inc.

On October 1, 2023, we changed our company name for the first time since our founding in 1900. Toppan Inc. is now TOPPAN Holdings Inc., and we will advance Group management under a holding company structure.

Under this new management structure, we will strengthen the governance of the Group as a whole, increase the speed of initiatives to create Group synergies, and further evolve the printing technologies cultivated over our 120-year history. We will drive transformation of the business portfolio, strengthen management foundations, and expand ESG initiatives—the priority measures of our Medium Term Plan centered on the key concept of Digital & Sustainable Transformation—and strive to shape a sustainable society and enhance enterprise value.

Coinciding with the launch of this new structure, we have formulated a new Group philosophy, “TOPPAN’s Purpose & Values,” to align the entire Group on the same trajectory with the same mindset. This will help everyone in the TOPPAN Group take on their work with the same values and approach, exceed the expectations of society, and strive for further innovation. Together with all our stakeholders, we will continue on the path to a sustainable future.