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TOPPAN’s Impact
Here we present examples of how the TOPPAN Group's business activities contribute to solutions to social issues and create positive impacts for society.
TOPPAN’s Insight
Discussions and messages led by members of senior management on how the TOPPAN Group can create value for society going forward.

The new incarnation of the TOPPAN Group endeavors to create even more value for society.
Our commitment to driving global solutions

March 1, 2024TOPPAN’s Insight

On October 1, 2023, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. transitioned to a holding company structure and changed its name to TOPPAN Holdings Inc. Kazunori Sakai, TOPPAN Holdings’ executive vice president & COO, and Mieko Nakabayashi, one of the company’s external directors, discussed how the new incarnation of the TOPPAN Group is aiming to create value for society.

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Shaping a society in which we can all get the medicines we need, when we need them.

October 1, 2023TOPPAN’s Impact

In May 2022, FamilyMart and the TOPPAN Group launched “FamiMacy,” a service that allows people to pick up prescription medicines at FamilyMart stores. A representative of TOPPAN’s Healthcare Business Development Center spoke to his counterpart at FamilyMart about the initiative, which aims to provide a solution to a social issue through collaboration between the two companies.

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