Toppan strengthens position for entry into the 3D image sensing market with the acquisition of image sensor developer.

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Tokyo – March 11, 2021 – Toppan Printing (Toppan) (TYO: 7911), a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, will acquire 89.1% of the outstanding stock of Brookman Technology, Inc. (Brookman Technology), a venture company originating from Shizuoka University and engaged in the development and sales of CMOS image sensors. Brookman Technology is scheduled to be made a subsidiary of Toppan by the end of March this year.

The increasingly advanced functions of smartphones and game devices and the growth in use of autonomous robots for industry are expected to drive expansion of the market for 3D sensors, which gather peripheral information in three dimensions. As technological development advances, Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D range image sensors in particular are being adopted for a wide range of devices on account of their compact form and low power consumption.

Toppan entered into a capital and business tie-up with Brookman Technology in 2017, and the two companies have subsequently collaborated on research and development in the field of 3D image sensing. By making Brookman Technology a subsidiary, Toppan aims to bolster joint efforts and enable a full-scale entry into the growing 3D image sensing market.

Synergies will be generated by bringing together Brookman Technology’s track record in image sensor development and ToF sensor design technology with Toppan’s semiconductor circuit design capabilities. Obstacles to expansion of the use of 3D sensors include image lag and difficulties associated with outdoor use. Toppan aims to overcome these challenges and develop sensors suitable for practical application by taking advantage of Brookman Technology’s unique ToF sensor design capabilities for high-speed imaging, long-distance measurement, and disturbance tolerance.

Targeting prompt commercialization, the two companies will accelerate current joint research on 3D image sensing for autonomous robots and the game and augmented reality fields. The technology is also vitally important for generating data that maps the real world as part of Toppan’s digital transformation (DX) initiatives. It will therefore also be leveraged to drive existing DX operations and create new businesses centered on the use of ToF sensors.

About Brookman Technology

Brookman Technology, Inc. was started in Hamamatsu, Japan in 2006 as Brookman Lab, Inc., by leading CMOS image sensor expert Dr. Shoji Kawahito, a Professor in Electrical Engineering at Shizuoka University. Since then, Brookman Technology has worked on numerous forms of CMOS analog and mixed signal IC design, specializing in the design of advanced CMOS image sensors for a wide range of applications.

Head office:  Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Chairman, CTO:  Shoji Kawahito
President, CEO:  Satoshi Aoyama
Business:  Contract development of custom image sensors; development and sales of 2D sensors and 3D (ToF) sensors.
Capitalization:  3 million JPY (As of February 2021)
Net sales:  592.682 million JPY (Year ended March 2020)
Scheduled date of stock acquisition by Toppan:  March 22, 2021
Percentage of stock to be acquired by Toppan:  89.1%

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