Seminars and Training on Sexual Diversity (LGBTQ/SOGI) March 2023

As part of efforts focused on diversity and inclusion at the TOPPAN Group, we have held diversity-themed training and seminars since 2018. The seminars are open to all employees and look at diversity from the perspective of gender and sexuality to enable participants to think about sexual diversity as something relevant to everyone.

We held the fifth seminar in March 2023. A representative of the NPO ReBit led discussions on rethinking the accepted norms of the workplace and considering the kind of action each of us can take right now to respect and embrace the differences between the people we work with.

We also create opportunities for employees to enhance their knowledge and skills to ensure appropriate practices in every workplace. These include lunchtime seminars held since fiscal 2021 for employees who have expressed their commitment to being LGBTQ allies, training for people responsible for LGBTQ-related counseling, and seminars on creative expression for people in sales and planning departments.

We will continue to roll out a range of activities to promote understanding as we foster a culture in which each employee is mindful of and participates in ensuring working environments where all employees can feel at ease and be themselves.

Seminar open to all employees held in 2022