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“Breathing life into culture, with technology and heart,” the “Purpose” under the Group philosophy, avows our commitment to supporting society and people’s lives through business. The TOPPAN Group addresses social issues through extensive engagement with the greater community by delivering wide-ranging goods and services.

Recognizing the strong links between our business and society, we work to fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen and foster mutual understanding through interaction and dialogues with local communities. We believe that the building of relationships of trust and mutual growth with communities are essential for a sustainable society.

Our community involvement has been strengthened through social contribution activities across the entire global Group. We support donations, the arts and culture, and education and participate in diverse initiatives such as environmental conservation and volunteer activities that address the needs of communities.

Activity PolicyBack to Top

Activity Policy
  • To focus on global and local social issues and engage in activities that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, which are worldwide goals for sustainability.
  • To engage in activities to protect the global environment, communicate information, foster culture, and “breathe life into culture.”
  • To proactively support the social contribution activities of employees.
  • To make effective use of the TOPPAN Group’s management resources.
Activity Guidelines

Activities should:

  • be implementable on a continuous basis;
  • generate public benefit;
  • be voluntarily selected;
  • have an association with the TOPPAN Group’s business;
  • be something that employees support;
  • not be motivated by an intent to advertise or promote; and
  • be undertaken with a consciousness of objectives and outcomes.
Activity Themes
The Environment: Conservation and nurturing of community environments
Holding events on environmental conservation, biodiversity, etc.
Organizing beautification and cleanup activities around plants and operational sites
Holding meetings with community members to report environmental initiatives
Teaching environmental classes at neighboring schools, etc.
Education: Initiatives sustained by the TOPPAN Group’s resources
Holding offsite classes for schools
Holding plant tours for children and students
Organizing SDG-related programs, workshops, etc.
Holding practical training and work experience sessions for students
Arranging educational programs to improve literacy, reading comprehension, and creative skills
Culture: Sports promotion and support for the arts and culture for the community
Supporting the arts and culture
Promoting printing culture
Promoting borderless art and para-sports
Participating in, cooperating with, and cosponsoring community festivals, sports and other events, etc.
Community: Initiatives conducted with community groups, NPOs, NGOs, etc.
Donating cash, books, goods, etc. to various institutions and organizations (hospitals, schools, facilities for the elderly, etc.)
Holding events and providing scholarships to support people with disabilities
Participating in and cooperating with anti-disaster and fire-safety campaigns in the community
Participating in and cooperating with safety promotion activities and traffic safety campaigns in the community
Participating in and cooperating with beautification and cleanup activities organized by the community
Opening site premises and facilities and providing water resources, etc. to community members
Organizing blood donation drives

1. The Environment: Conservation and Nurturing of Community EnvironmentsBack to Top

Biodiversity-learning Events

We collaborate with community groups and environmental NPOs to organize nature workshops and other events where people can learn about biodiversity.

We have refrained from holding our nature workshops in person, however, since the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. As an alternative, one biodiversity-learning workshop was arranged online to discover the secrets of familiar creatures in fiscal 2022.

In March 2023 we also provided support for a pre-inaugural event held in advance of the opening of the Umi-no-Mori Park, as a member of the Tokyo Sea Forest Club led by the Bureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government. TOPPAN personnel assisted with event operations and handed out paper files made by T.M.G. Challenged Plus Toppan Co., Ltd. to event hosts and participants. Employees, employee families, and growing numbers of stakeholders are taking part in these online and in-person events to explore biodiversity in native and non-native ecosystems. We expect our nature events to motivate participants to conserve the environment in their communities.

Activities in Fiscal 2022

Online biodiversity-learning workshop—“Secrets of familiar creatures. Ask anything!”

Date: September 25, 2022
Participants: 20 people from 17 employee families
Collaborator: Ecosystem Conservation Society–Saitama, Japan

Nature experts from the Ecosystem Conservation Society–Saitama named and introduced the creatures (insects, plants, animals, etc.) shown in 17 photographs posted online in advance by Group employees and their families. Participants sent in questions to learn more about diversity. For example:

  • “The fish I’m feeding is supposed to be a killifish but looks like something else. How can I tell?”
  • “I found this grasshopper in a plant. What’s this type called?”
  • “We found this grasshopper on our doorstep. My kids and I disagree on what type of grasshopper it is. Can you identify the subspecies?”

TMG Umi-no-Mori Park pre-opening event

Dates: March 4 - 26, 2023 (9 days on Sat., Sun. and holidays)

Environmental NPO “SHU” and member companies of the Tokyo Sea Forest Club

As a member of the Tokyo Sea Forest Club, we have been supporting a tree-planting project initiated by the club to transform a former landfill site in the Tokyo Bay into a beautiful forest on the sea. Visitors to the nine-day pre-inaugural event took part in various hands-on activities to learn about the Sea Forest initiative and the environment and history of the Umi-no-Mori Park. A total of 3,168 visitors came to the park.

Environmental Improvement around Group Sites

Employees at operational sites across Japan regularly clean up the communities around them.

Sendai Plant

Asaka Plant

Honjo Site

TOPPAN Technical Research Institute

Mikkabi Plant

Matsusaka Plant

Takino Plant

Kameyama Plant

Tamana Plant

Saga Plant

Kumamoto Plant

2. Education: Initiatives Sustained by TOPPAN ResourcesBack to Top

“Mirai Ne!” for a Good Future for Everyone

We have been organizing “Mirai Ne! (for a better tomorrow),” a series of projects to motivate people to think about things that will be good for the future. Mirai Ne! develops learning and hands-on programs by linking companies with educational sites to introduce various corporate sustainability initiatives in fun ways.

We have been co-creating diverse Mirai Ne! arenas hand in hand with government offices and businesses across Japan. The Mirai Ne! projects include collaborative fairs at commercial facilities for consumers, onsite classes at schools, and the hosting of a YouTube channel (owned media) as a learning window to the public.

Activities in Fiscal 2022

“Mirai Ne! Channel” on YouTube

A channel to inspire a sustainable future in people, from children to the elderly. Teaming up with companies to co-create initiatives for a better tomorrow.

“Mirai Ne! Meeting #1”: Talk & seminar with corporate managers and university students

In cooperation with: Kokuyo Co., Ltd. and The Japan Research Institute, Limited

“Carbon Neutral Classroom #1: What’s carbon neutral?”

In cooperation with: Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and The Japan Research Institute, Limited

Local brand showroom: “Mirai Ne! Jobs”

In cooperation with: Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

“Mirai Ne! Fair” for SDGs & foods

A collaborative SDG- & food-focused market held at Kitchen & Market LUCUA OSAKA. The Mirai Ne! mascot performed fun demos to introduce fair-goers to sustainable products and initiatives from participating companies.

In cooperation with: Izumiya & Hankyu Oasis Co., Ltd.

TOPPAN Charity Concerts

We have been holding our annual TOPPAN Charity Concerts series since 2008 as a social engagement activity that supports global community initiatives to raise literacy rates in developing countries. In 2022, we organized the 14th TOPPAN Charity Concerts. The ticket revenue from the concerts has been donated to the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) to fund SMILE Asia, a project that supports literacy education for Cambodian women, especially mothers who are raising young children or have children on the way. We aim to grow the total amount donated from 31,908,088 yen (total as of fiscal 2022) to 35 million yen by fiscal 2025.

Activities in Fiscal 2022

14th TOPPAN Charity Concerts

Nov 22, 2022
Toppan Hall
Teiko Maehashi (violin)
Kazumasa Matsumoto (piano)
2,216,337 yen

3. Culture: Sports Promotion and Support for the Arts and Culture for the CommunityBack to Top

  • Printing Museum, Tokyo

    The Printing Museum, Tokyo was established in 2000 to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of TOPPAN. Over the last two decades, the museum has collected and researched materials related to printing culture, held exhibitions and events focused on printing, and organized a host of educational activities (such as classes and lectures on “printing culture studies”). Workshop instructors at the Printing House introduce visitors to the traditional craft of letterpress printing and get them to explore printing culture. The museum revamped its basement floor Exhibition Room and several other museum facilities in 2020, its 20th anniversary year.

  • Signing an MOU with the Gutenberg Museum (Mainz, Germany)

Activities in Fiscal 2022

Temporary exhibitions

  • Graphic Trial 2022—Change
  • Exhibition on Books: Learn about paper books more closely and deeply
  • Modern Japan Package 2022
  • World Book Design 2021-22

Classes, lectures, workshops, etc. across Japan

  • Offsite class at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
  • Practical training on museum operation at Meiji University
  • Online and face-to-face classes at Kanatomi Elementary School, Bunkyo, Tokyo
  • Work-study program at Hongodai Junior High School, Bunkyo
  • Lecture and workshop at the “Orb: On the Movements of the Earth” exhibition held at the TeNQ Space Museum in Tokyo Dome City
  • The 3rd conference on printing culture studies “Life and printmaking: Enduring Japanese traditions in Nagasaki, Toyama, and Tochigi prefectures” (held online and in person)
  • A cooperative program conducted with the National Institutes for the Humanities of Japan to develop liberal arts communicators

Four activities under a comprehensive collaborative agreement concluded with Jissen Women’s University, Japan

Mainzer Impuls, a joint project with the Gutenberg Museum to register the art of letterpress printing as a UNESCO Memory of the World

An MOU signed for cooperation with the Gutenberg Museum

  • Toppan Hall

    Toppan Hall is a symphonic concert venue that opened concurrently with the Printing Museum, Tokyo in 2000 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our founding. The concerts held at the hall promote the arts and culture under the Group philosophy of “Breathing life into culture, with technology and heart.” The Suntory Foundation for the Arts bestowed Toppan Hall with the 47th Suntory Music Award in 2016 to commend its seminal programs, mainly recitals organized by Toppan Hall itself as an outstanding contributor to the development of musical culture in Japan. The performances at the hall have also attracted notice throughout Europe and influenced the European chamber music scene.

    With the gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions in fiscal 2022, the hall held performances at nearly its former pace. Music-loving audiences came throughout the year to hear outstanding performances by top artists from abroad and young Japanese musicians who honed their skills during the COVID-19 period.

    Activities in Fiscal 2022

    2021/2022 season performances

    2022/2023 season performances

Graphic Trial

We promote printing culture and support graphic designers through Graphic Trial, an exhibition that explores relationships between graphic design and the art of printing in search of new forms of expression. Artists at the forefront of graphic design experiment with different offset-printing techniques every year to create posters for the exhibition. Graphic Trial is held at the multipurpose P&P Gallery in the Printing Museum, Tokyo.

Activities in Fiscal 2022

Graphic Trial 2022 “Change”—Exploring the Possibilities of Graphic Design through Offset Printing

Dates: April 23 - July 24, 2022
Koji Iyama (art director, graphic designer at iyamadesign inc.)
Goo Choki Par (design unit)
Aya Kodama (art director, designer at BULLET Inc.)
Ryoji Tanaka (web designer at Semitransparent Design)
Yuko Masunaga (security designer at Toppan Inc.)

Related site

As a safeguard against the spread of infectious disease, we also organized an online exhibition of all of the posters shown at the physical P&P Gallery exhibition. The audio guide narrator was Kaoru Kasai, a creator who presented work at the 2019 exhibition.

Central Contest for Book Report Drawings

We continue to work with the Japan School Library Association and The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd. as a cosponsor of the Central Contest for Book Report Drawings, an annual contest that cultivates the reading and creative skills of children by encouraging them to express their impressions of books by drawing. Apart from cosponsoring, we have been organizing various support activities such as student tours of the Printing Museum, Tokyo. In another program, prize-winning students have been presented with replicas of famous Japanese-style paintings produced with TOPPAN printing technology.

Activities in Fiscal 2022

34th Central Contest for Book Report Drawings

38 prefectures around Japan (excluding Yamaguchi Prefecture and the 8 prefectures of the Kyushu region)
672,567 entries from 6,138 schools

Related site (in Japanese)

Kanosei Art Project

We have been collaborating with the Support Center DREAM and the Borderless Art Organisation as co-organizers of the Kanosei Art Project (kanosei means “potential” in Japanese) since 2018. The project seeks to add value to the works of borderless artists and to develop a model that supports both business and the independence of persons with disabilities. The next generation of leaders is expected to emerge in the process.

Borderless artworks are now converted into high-definition image data using our original processing technology. Digital artworks are exhibited and sold to the public as Primagraphy® works and used for the development of sales promotion tools and other items for businesses. Copyright royalties from Primagraphy works have been returned to the borderless artists and the organizations that support them.

Activities in Fiscal 2022

We held our first exhibition in a metaverse gallery, in tandem with online exhibitions featuring framed Primagraphy works and VR experiences. The metaverse exhibition is an innovative style of museum that links visitors to true-to-life avatars who can freely move about the room and chat. We applied the metaverse gallery to new employee training in order to facilitate communication among participants. Commercial usage of borderless artworks has also been diversified. Companies have picked up the works to produce novelty goods and decorate temporary fencing at construction sites. Cumulative royalties from the borderless artworks totaled approximately 9.3 million yen as of March 31, 2023.

The Kanosei Art Project received the Grand Mécénat Award, the highest recognition of corporate activities for supporting the arts and culture, at the Japan Mécénat Awards 2022 sponsored by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts of Japan.

  • Para-Sports Popularization

    We promote para-sports as a supporter of the Japanese Para-Sports Association (JPSA). An employee athlete program*, for example, has been introduced at Toppan Inc. to hire and support para-sports athletes and other sporting specialists. We also provide para-sports information through our SPORTRAIT website and hold hands-on para-sports events for Group employees across Japan.

    Employee athlete program: Established in 2014 as a mechanism for promoting sports and supporting employee athletes who participate in international tournaments and competitions. Toppan Inc. currently employs five athletes (including two para-sports athletes).

Activities in Fiscal 2022

Employee para-athlete Takashi Sanada organized a clinic for wheelchair tennis

Takashi Sanada, a wheelchair tennis player at Toppan Inc., led efforts to organize a clinic specialized in fostering the next generation of para-athletes. Sanada and six Japanese professional players who hold top global rankings in wheelchair tennis came to the clinic to coach. Participants received direct guidance and advice from the iconic players in the clinic while TOPPAN employees provided operational support. We are eager to see professional players emerge from our clinic in the future.

“This is MECENAT 2023” Certification

  • Toppan Inc. has been certified as a “This is MECENAT* 2023” contributor and granted the Mécénat Mark (shown below), in recognition of the following efforts. The Association for Corporate Support of the Arts of Japan commends outstanding activities (for supporting the arts and culture to enrich society) undertaken by corporations and corporate foundations in Japan.

    • Educational activities at the Printing Museum, Tokyo
    • Graphic Trial 2023 “Feel” exhibition
    • TOPPAN Charity Concert series
    • Kanosei Art Project
  • *
    A movement founded in 2014 to highlight diverse corporate support for the arts and culture and demonstrate the social significance and presence of the arts and culture across Japan.

4. Community: Initiatives Conducted with Community Groups, NPOs, NGOs, etc. (Community Contribution Activities in Japan)Back to Top

Community Cleanups around Group Sites

We cooperate with community members and various organizations in activities to beautify and clean up local public spaces such as beaches, riversides, and parks.

Ocean cleanup campaign in Hokkaido (Sapporo Plant)

Cleanup activity in Shiga (Shiga Plant)

Project to plant flowers along the Arakawa River (Sakado Plant)

Preservation of the katakuri (fawn lily) community in Kami-akashio, Nagano (DX Design Division)

Traffic Safety Campaigns

We participate in various traffic safety campaigns in the community. Group site members pitch in as road and crossing guards for pedestrians and cyclists, and we provide guidance on traffic rules and etiquette.

Kumamoto Plant

Blood Donation Drives across the Group

Blood donation drives are held at Group sites in collaboration with Red Cross blood centers.

Sapporo Plant

Kumamoto Plant

Takamatsu Plant

Onsite Classes and Exhibitions at Neighboring Schools

We hold onsite classes and exhibitions at neighboring schools to give students an overview of our businesses and the products and services we offer.

Kochi Technical High School, Kochi (Kochi Plant)

Ohnodaichuo Elementary School, Sagamihara, Kanagawa (Sagamihara Plant)

Occupational Safety Campaign for Neighboring Companies

We arrange hands-on Anzen Dojo safety programs for neighboring companies as part of our occupational safety campaign.

Takino Plant

System Development Base under Community Partnership

We opened ICT KŌBŌ™ HAKODATE on May 2023 in Hokkaido Prefecture, based on a comprehensive partnership agreement on collaborative community planning with Hakodate City. The studio functions as a base for our system development departments.

ICT KŌBŌ™ HAKODATE in Hokkaido (DX Design Division)

Site Facilities and Stockpiles for the Community

Group sites open their tennis courts and parking areas, distribute emergency stockpiles of food, and arrange other disaster relief for the members of their communities.

Garden court opened to the community (Sagamihara Plant)

Cooperation with Community Events

Group employees participate in and cooperate with festivals and various other events in the community.

Internship Programs for Local Students

We are accepting young interns from local high schools to encourage students to understand their own vocational aptitudes and shape their views of work.

Major Community Contribution Activities at Overseas Sites (Fiscal 2022) (Relevant country or region in brackets)Back to Top

Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

Scholarships for Outstanding Students

Awarded scholarships to 10 outstanding students with financial challenges to support their studies through an original scholarship program now in its eighth year.

The company also provided grants for students undergoing advanced vocational training programs and for people with disabilities.

Stretching Sessions for Employees

Invited Thai-style massage specialists from the Samut Prakan Institute of Commerce and Technology to hold hands-on stretching sessions. The sessions vitalized employees at work and kept them attuned to their own health conditions.

PT. Indonesia Toppan Printing (Indonesia)

Donation for Orphans

Donating eight million Indonesian Rupiah a year to Yayasan Al-Ikhlas, an orphanage in Tibitung, Bekasi Prefecture.

Donation for Eid al-Adha Festival

Donated ritual cows and goats to the community for the Eid al-Adha 2023 festival.

Toppan Speciality Films Private Limited (India)

Save Girl Child

Congratulated newborn girls and their mothers with silver ornaments, clothing, and toys to promote gender equality and discourage sex-selective abortions in society.

VIRSA Project

Participated in the VIRSA Project, an initiative to provide comprehensive educational support on culture at schools for low-income families in Punjab Province.

InterFlex Group (U.S.A.)

Charitable Organization Support

Supporting various organizations in North Carolina and Wisconsin, the two bases of the company operations in North America. InterFlex’s charitable efforts include support for low-income families, sponsorship of a charity golf tournament for cerebral palsy research, and monetary donations to provide free dinners to the underprivileged. Employees also organize charity events such as the Toy Drive, Back to School Drive, and Food Drive.

Toppan Photomasks Korea Ltd. (Korea)

Sustained Ties with a Senior Center

The Icheon plant (Icheon City, Gyeonggi Province) has been interacting with the senior care center adjacent to the plant for more than nine years. Employees presented the seniors with facemasks and fruit baskets in the summer of 2022. Regular visits and ongoing support help maintain close ties with the greater community.

Discussing Community Contribution with the Mayor of Icheon City

Employees met with Icheon Mayor Kim Kyung-hee and city officials to discuss stable employment, business continuity, and other aspects of contributing to the community.

Toppan Chunghwa Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Regular Weed Removal

Removing weeds in and around the Taoyuan plant according to schedule, to prevent pest infestations and clogged drains.

Charity Sale at 25th-anniversary Event

As part of the company’s 25th-anniversary event, employees took part in a large-scale charity sale held at the Hsinchu office by an organization supporting people with disabilities.

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