Domestic: 1 operational sites

  1. 1.TOPPAN Digital Inc.
    Team 3, DX Solution Development Department,
    ICT Development Center

    Scope of registration ISMS Cloud Security Management System for the cloud service of Design/Development and Operation related below;
    - Cloud Service Provider: Service of ZETADRIVE®, e-Platch® and METAPA®
    - Cloud Service Customer: use of Amazaon Web Service, Photon, Agora, Firebase, AppsFlyer and Ubitus
    Statement of Applicability ISMS-A-Appendix-1-02
    Registrar Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality
    Certified standards JIP-ISMS 517-1.0 (ISMS Cloud Security certification based on ISO/IEC 27017:2015)
    Registration date Mar 28, 2024
    Registration number SC22J0025 (Based on ISMS registration No.:IC23J0568)