As of January 1, 2024

List of analysts from securities companies and research firms who make recommendations and reports concerning TOPPAN's performance (in alphabetical order of company).

Company name Name
Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. Ayaka Inomata
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Takaomi Kono
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. Takeru Hanaya
  • *This list has been prepared using TOPPAN's criteria based on the information available to the company at the time of publication. Therefore, there may be analysts that are not featured on this list and there is a possibility that not all of the information is the latest information.
  • *Analysts analyze matters such as TOPPAN's performance, business, services, and technologies or make predictions regarding performance based on their own independent judgment. TOPPAN and TOPPAN's management are not involved in any process of this in any way.
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