Approach to Providing Solutions to Social Issues through Business

Based on the key concept of “Digital & Sustainable Transformation,” the TOPPAN Group aims to help shape a sustainable society and enhance enterprise value as a leader in providing solutions to social issues worldwide through digital transformation (DX) and sustainable transformation (SX). In DX, we aim to transform society, our customers, and the business of the TOPPAN Group from a digital starting point, while in SX, we aim to address social issues through our business and drive management with a focus on sustainability. As part of these efforts, we are transforming our business portfolio, strengthening our management foundations, and expanding sustainability initiatives. Under the New Medium Term Plan that takes fiscal 2023 as its first year, we are advancing a transformation to increase operating profit for growth businesses, including that of DX and SX businesses, to more than 50% of the total in the fiscal year ending March 2026. The planned breakdown of operating profit for growth businesses—DX (Erhoeht-X™), SX in Japan/overseas Living & Industry, and new businesses (frontier)—is shown below.

Breakdown of Operating Profit for Growth Businesses
The denominator used for calculating percentages is operating profit before the deduction of adjustments.

Growth Businesses and TOPPAN Business Action for SDGs

In terms of contributing to the SDGs, TOPPAN Business Action for SDGs, which sets out the areas of focus under the three Business Materiality themes of “Environment,” “Communities,” and “People,” has been incorporated into our Medium Term Plan, taking a long-term perspective to 2030. We will link this to business portfolio transformation and set target figures as indicators aligned with each growth business.

“Percentage of packaging sales accounted for by sustainable packaging,” under the theme of Environment, is positioned as an indicator for “expanding eco-friendly products and solutions.” “Number of services enriching people’s lives (personal data platforms leveraging information banks/the metaverse),” under the theme of Communities, is an indicator for secure personal-data-related services in the DX business. And “number of services that contribute to health,” under the theme of People, is an indicator for solutions linked to extending healthy life expectancy in the area of new businesses.

We have also defined the themes of “environmentally friendly & sustainable production” and “employee health & job satisfaction” under Companywide Materiality as the foundation for supporting the Business Materiality themes.

We are driving this series of efforts across the Group in coordination with the key sustainability themes of climate change, human capital and diversity, human rights, and supply chains.

Alignment of TOPPAN Business Action for SDGs with Growth Businesses
Environment: Sustainable global environment
Refers to packaging products that contribute to CO2 reduction, plastic volume reduction, or improved recyclability. Targets are for single fiscal years.
Communities: Creation of safe, secure, enriched communities
Refers to services leveraging metaverse and information bank platforms that handle personal data securely. Targets are cumulative figures over the years leading up to the target year.
People: Empowerment and fulfillment of body and mind
Refers to services that provide added value in the healthcare field. Targets are cumulative figures over the years leading up to the target year.

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