Toppan Group's Basic Policy on Information Security

As a group of companies operating in the information communication industry, each of us at the TOPPAN Group carries out Group-wide information security management in the recognition that the management of information necessary for business is a significant managerial challenge for us as a means to reciprocate our customers’ trust and promote the ongoing growth of the TOPPAN Group.

  • We manage information necessary for our business appropriately in observance of our in-house rules, the law, and the principles of social order.
  • We collect information for appropriate purposes using appropriate methods.
  • We safely manage the information entrusted to us by customers in order to reciprocate our customers' trust.
  • We are deeply aware of the risks to the information assets we handle, such as illegal access, loss, damage, falsification/manipulation, and leakage of information, and take necessary and reasonable safety measures against these risks. We deal with and rectify any problems that occur promptly and in an appropriate manner.
  • We establish, operate, maintain, and continuously improve information security management systems.

Date established: April 1, 2001
Date of most recent revision: October 1, 2023

TOPPAN Holdings Inc.
Hideharu Maro
Representative Director President & CEO